Talkie-Walkie PRG 10 Mimetic version
  • Talkie-Walkie PRG 10 Mimetic version

Talkie-Walkie G10 Mimetic version - C1107.02

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Talkie-Walkie PRG 10 Mimetic version - C1107.02





THE SIMPLE, USER-FRIENDLY RADIO ALSO CAMO Essential, practical and extremely reliable, the Midland G10 is a transceiver that flaunts a compact design, whilst being ultra-simple to use. Vocal signalling of the channel selected. Programmable by means of software to manage and programme the buttons/functions. The knob positioned near the antenna enables user-friendly channel selection; the function can be activated by using the two buttons to the side. Version: PMR446 Colour: Black Channels: 8 + 8 pre-set sub-channels Tones: 51 CTCSS + 83 DCS normal/ inverted FEATURES · Output power: 500mW · Channel spacing: 12.5KHz · Channel scanning · Function button beeps · Monitor · Auto power save · Power supply: 1200mAh Li-Ion battery pack · 2-pin Kenwood accessory socket PACKAGING AND CODES 1 radio, desktop charger, wall adapter, Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack (1200 mAh), belt clip code C1107.02 Mimetic version